Eagles (Photo by Brian Cleary/Getty Images)

Over the past two weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles have faced two legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and they got blown out in both games, falling 42-19 to the San Francisco 49ers last week and 33-13 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. And now, the Eagles are going to need to bounce back to save their season.

With the two losses, the 49ers have overtaken the Eagles in the NFC and are primed to get the first-round bye, and the Eagles are now fighting to even get a home playoff game. According to Eagles star Fletcher Cox, this is when the team needs leadership the most.

“I’ve been part of teams where the dudes in the locker room do something about it, and I’ve been part of teams where it kind of crumbles,” Cox said according to Martin Frank of the Delaware News Journal. “Now it’s time to see the real leadership and the real players, the guys that are elite on this team, myself included, step up and do something about it and get this team another win.”

The Eagles are still, without doubt, one of the most talented teams in the NFL this season, they’re just going to need to start playing like it before the playoffs begin.

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