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Green Bay, Wisconsin is unique in pro sports. With a population of over 100k, Green Bay is by far the smallest market for an NFL team. That being said, the Packers being in Green Bay is part of its charm. Not only is it historic that a football team from before the NFL has remained in the same town after all these years but it’s the only community-owned pro sports team in the U.S. That’s a big reason why the Packers are one of the most popular teams in the league.

All Packers fans have “visiting Lambeau Field” on their bucket list but there’s a house for sale that may get a Packers fan up close and personal with the team by living right next to the stadium.

Listed on Zillow, a three bedroom, one bathroom house is for sale and Lambeau Field literally overlooks the house. On the other side of the backyard is the Lambeau parking lot so you would definitely live close enough to hear the sounds of the stadium during games.

Photo: Zillow

Living next to an NFL stadium might not be for every Packers fan but it’s going to be enticing for some people. The hangup is that this one-story, 1,536 square foot house is currently listed for $698,000. That’s definitely overpriced for a house that size but if it’s all about location for a Packers fan and they really want to be as close as possible to the stadium, then maybe it’s worth it to someone. They can also maybe pay for some of the mortgage by renting out a bedroom on Airbnb and charge people to park on their lawn for at least eight weekends a year.

If someone is willing to live a bit further away from the stadium, a slightly bigger house (with a second bathroom) is currently listed for $249,000 and sits just three blocks away from Lambeau Field. That might be a better value.


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