The Lions being beaten handily at home is maybe the most normal thing about this Thanksgiving so far.

After pushing the lead to 34-17, and forcing a stop on fourth down, the Houston Texans put an exclamation point on the game (presumably) with this trick play score.

That’s an awesome play, it almost looked like an ad-lib on the throwback to Deshaun Watson during a failed run play. (The kind of thing I always wanted to be able to do in Madden but the game would never allow.)

Let’s see how Detroit’s ownership is taking it:

Not good! Matt Patricia’s job might actually be on the line here, and while Matt Stafford led a response scoring drive shortly after, the Lions are in real trouble today. Considering their situation, the Lions might need to score 16 points in the final four minutes here or Patricia might not make it through the weekend.

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