The Jacksonville Jaguars need some extra support from fans this weekend as they play their first game since firing Urban Meyer as head coach. But we don’t think this is what interim head coach Darrell Bevell had in mind.

Down 14-3 in the second quarter and looking for a spark, the Jaguars found themselves at the two-yard-line looking to punch it in for a score. And that they did, with a James Robinson stutter-step touchdown. However, one thing that went unnoticed by just about everyone on the field, including the referees, was a Jaguars fan running through the endzone to (presumably) celebrate the score.

There’s clearly a referee standing at the back of the endzone, so it’s strange that he didn’t whistle the play dead. But hey, whatever it takes for the Jags to score, they’ll be happy to do it.

As for the gentleman in question, we’re guessing the NFL won’t be too pleased with him and he might not have the ability to run across any endzones in TIAA Bank Field for some time, if ever again. In the meantime, he certainly got people talking on social media.

If the Jaguars find a way to win the game, who knows, this might have to be a thing now.

[Rivers McCown]

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