The Jacksonville Jaguars season has had a couple of ups, but mostly a bunch of downs. Not unlike the experience when going bungee jumping. You could say that the Jaguars mascot bungee jumping and then getting stuck on the way down might just be the perfect metaphor for Urban Meyer’s first season as head coach. And that’s just what happened on Sunday.

The 2-8 Jaguars were hosting the 4-6 Atlanta Falcons on Sunday when the mascot Jaxson de Ville tried to wow the crowd by bungee jumping over the stadium (something he’s done safely before). Everything started great with an exciting backflip into the great unknown. However, after a few ups and downs, it appeared that something had gone wrong and Jaxson was stuck hanging there with nowhere to go but down. Eventually, without any way to escape his predicament, he had to be lowered to the ground.

Again, perfect metaphor.

Jaxson was actually lowered into the upper deck of the stadium where, thankfully, he was safe and able to live another day rooting for one of the most frustrating franchises in the NFL.

As for the failed bungee jump, you could have probably guessed that social media would have a field day with it and what it meant in the grand scheme of things for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars trail the Falcons 21-3 in the third quarter and it looks like they’re on their way to their ninth loss of the season. While no one expected the Jags to be too improved this season, there was some hope that they’d get things going a bit better than they have. Not to mention all the off-field drama that Urban Meyer brought with him.

Still, Jaxson and the Jaguars live to jump into the great abyss another day.

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