Two seasons ago the Jacksonville Jaguars made it to the AFC Championship game and were a trendy Super Bowl pick headed into last year. My how things have changed since then.

The Jaguars ended up going a disappointing 5-11 and things aren’t looking much brighter so far this season. They started the season last week with a 40-26 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and found themselves down early against the Houston Texans on Sunday.

The reason the team trailed 3-0 was, in part, because of sketchy pass catch by Houston’s DeAndre Hopkins that led to a first down. Jacksonville cornerback Jalen Ramsey disagreed with the call but the Texans wisely snapped the ball before Jaguars coach Doug Marrone could challenge it.

This, apparently, is what led to Ramsey coming off the field and confronting Marrone, angrily pushing him away while another coach tried to whisk the star player away before things got worse. Then, Ramsey stewed on the bench by his teammates, glaring in Marrone’s general direction from time to time.

Marrone was unfazed by it, however, and followed Ramsey to where he was sitting to let him know how he felt. It did not go great.

Ramsey was visibly upset by Marrone’s presence and a few of his teammates quickly approached. Safety Ronnie Harrison then escorted Marrone away to try to defuse the situation.

The Jags still trail the Texans in the fourth quarter and that field goal could end up being the difference. We’ll have to wait and see if either Ramsey or Marrone have something to say about the call and the sideline incident after the game.


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