During his college career at the University of Michigan, NFL Draft prospect Jake Butt was the butt of many jokes, pun intended because the jokes were simply about his last name.

Now that Butt is preparing for this weekend’s NFL Draft and has a good shot at being drafted high, the tight end (yes he’s really a tight end) is able to receive endorsements.

Charmin has jumped at the opportunity and “pranked” Butt by sending him a dump truck full of toilet paper.

So maybe it wasn’t a “prank” after all?

That has to be the BEST endorsement deal ever. Last August, Butt told ESPN his last name has really helped him and his brand and there’s no question Charmin will help him too.

“I love it so much,” Butt said in August. “I think that’s one of my greatest traits. It has really allowed me to grow my platform and build my brand.”

The fact that a toilet paper company gave a tight end with the last name of “Butt” a “butt-load” of toilet paper is a pun and perfect joke coincidence overload. You really couldn’t script anything like that.

This of course begs the question, is Jake Butt the first athlete to be sponsored by a toilet paper brand? Since players have been endorsed by various companies for decades, there may be no way to know if that’s true.

HOWEVER, I think it’s safe to say unless a player was named “Toilet Paper,” nothing is going to beat this. Once again, his last name is “Butt” and he’s a tight end. Bravo, Charmin.

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