Detroit Lions helmet Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Last month, Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams was hit with a six-game suspension from the NFL for violating the league’s gambling policy. But apparently, he didn’t even know about the policy he was violating.

According to ESPN, Jameson Williams claims that he “wasn’t aware” of the league’s gambling policy and felt “blindsided” by the NFL’s suspension.

“I didn’t know things like this was coming, but I took me some time, and I just thought about the better days and moving forward,” Williams said. “It’s not my last day living so I just look forward to the better days.”

Williams claimed that he didn’t specifically remember the incident that caused the suspension, but he revealed that he did not appeal the suspension.

“I just left it alone,” Williams said. “They gave me six games and we left it at that. I just look forward to coming back Week 7, getting back with team out there and playing the game.”

Williams said that as a result of his suspension, he’s now focused on making sure to spread awareness throughout his team.

“Oh, yeah, for sure, because like I said, it hit me out the blue and it hit a couple other players around the league and on my team out the blue,” Williams said. “I wasn’t aware of this situation, but as it happened, I took it on the chin.”