Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones got himself a new contract extension on Tuesday. As fate wold have it, not everyone in the league was all that impressed.

The New York Giants quarterback signed a four-year extension with the team to remain in the NY/NJ metro area. He got himself a lot of money as well in the process. This all happened on the same day that the Baltimore Ravens announced they would place the franchise tag on star quarterback Lamar Jackson.

There were several notable faces who reacted to all the hubbub. One of them was Chicago Bears rookie star Jaquan Brisker. Brisker, who was named to PFF’s All-Rookie team, appeared to take a shot at Jones in response to all the news.

“MVP lol… other Bruh got paid today and is trash fam. #FACTS,” the Bears rookie tweeted.

Several teams have already taken themselves out of the running to acquire Jackson at his asking price. Teams would have to negotiate with Jackson and then, consequently, with the Ravens as well.

The Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, and Miami Dolphins were among the teams who informed NFL reporters that they would not be in the running for Lamar Jackson. Such activity has brought up the dreaded c-word, “collusion,” as some on Twitter have speculated there could be collusion afoot.

Nevertheless, Brisker’s shot at Jones was a solid 9 on the disrespect chart. Calling Daniel Jones “trash” and hashtagging, in all caps, “#FACTS” is one heck of a shot. If he had mentioned him by name, we might have had a 10.

[Jaquan Brisker]

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