Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard

Star Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears with an injury. But without him, the Cowboys’ offense didn’t so much as miss a beat, blasting the Bears by a score of 49-29. The Cowboys offense looked the best it’s looked all season as running back Tony Pollard absolutely dominated in Elliott’s absence, but don’t expect the team to make any changes as a result.

After the game, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones indicated that the team wouldn’t even consider making Pollard the team’s starter when Elliott is healthy, saying “there’s no argument” that Elliott is the team’s top running back and that “we’re going to go where Zeke goes.”

“There’s no argument,” Jones said, according to Pro Football Talk. “Zeke’s ability to punish, Zeke’s ability to deliver, Zeke’s ability, what he does for us in pass protection, and, frankly, Zeke’s ability to make big plays are there, and we’re going to go where Zeke goes. He’s that integral to our success.”

Pollard had an absolutely massive game with 14 carries for 131 yards and three touchdowns. Anywhere else, that would make him an absolute star. But in Dallas, it just makes him a backup running back.

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