As is becoming a weekly occurrence at this point, NFL referees have once again made a questionable penalty call.

In the third quarter of Sunday’s game between the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jets had a free play after the Eagles jumped offsides. Zach Wilson found Garrett Wilson for a nice gain, pushing the Jets down the field.

However, it was called back due to a blindside block called on Allen Lazard, causing the 15-yard personal foul penalty to take priority over the others and pushing the Jets back out of field goal range.

The problem? Blindside block calls are historically very weak and circumstantial, and this one was no different.

The penalty pushed it all the way back to 2nd-and-23 and the Jets ultimately had to punt, with the questionable call killing their promising drive.

The fact that the Eagles are currently the last undefeated team led some to speculate that the league may be looking to keep it that way.

Another fan pointed out that this sort of thing seems to always happen to the Jets, pointing back to the team’s games against the Cowboys and Chiefs this year, both of which were loaded with questionable calls.

Others simply voiced their frustration with blindside block penalties, in general.

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