NFL owners are billionaires, but they always want the public to give up their land, give them special permissions and pay for them to have new, fancy toys.

The New York Jets’ rich owners are apparently too troubled to take their helicopter to the airport, then drive all of to minutes to the team’s practice facility. They need a helicopter pad at the facility, no matter what it means for the neighbors.


The NFL team is seeking state approval to build a private helipad at the football practice facility in Florham Park. But the neighbors are no fans of the plan, with local residents already beginning a petition drive to keep the Jets grounded.

In an application with the state Bureau of Aeronautics filed in March, the Jets proposed the construction of a restricted-use concrete helicopter landing pad, or helistop, “for transport of executives of the training center and injured athletes.”

The filing by Florham Park Development LLC, which is associated with the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center, said in its filing that the helipad would not be open for public use, but would be equipped for day and night operations, with landings expected several times during the week during the summer months.

What a great way to win over fans.


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