Being cut from your team, having two agents leave you and being indicted on assault charges in one offseason apparently isn’t enough of a wake up call for troubled former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Instead, he continues to party his way through the offseason and making sure most of the world knows about thanks to his social media accounts. That included making sure to be seen and heard at the Justin Bieber concert on the night of his grand jury indictment and taking in the NFL draft too.

As the NFL Draft got underway on Thursday night, Manziel spent the night with a few hundred fans and plenty of bottles of everyone’s favorite shot  — Fireball. He also apparently believes the stuff is “wicked,” because nothing screams hardcore like Fireball cinnamon whiskey.

However, it was his Twitter account that took things up a notch on Friday. Manziel decided he wasn’t done letting everyone know he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks of him — he’s just the same guy he’s always been.

That was just the start of a mega-rant from him though, and it included an explitive-laced rant against a Cleveland-based reporter named Will Burge.

His crime? Apparently taking a picture from across the bar during the NFL draft.

It was a Twitter rant that was quickly deleted, but even more quickly screen-shotted and living on in infamy as we speak.

Manziel attempted to backtrack on it all with a statement acknowledging mistakes made and thanking those around him. You know, because those around him have done such an amazing job of helping him to get all the help he really needs.

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