Josh Allen

Ordinarily, the stiff arm is not something you see from quarterbacks. But at 6-foot-5 and nearly 240 pounds, Josh Allen is not an ordinary quarterback. That was something that the Los Angeles Rams and specifically, safety Nick Scott, learned the hard way on Thursday night.

On their first possession of the second half, the Buffalo Bills faced a third-and-seven from just across midfield. Allen initially dropped back to pass but quickly took off running for the first down marker. Just before he reached the line to gain, he was met by a hard-charging Scott. That’s where Scott met a vicious stiff arm.

The NFL world reacted strongly to the dominant play.

To Scott’s credit, he did manage to bring Allen down out of bounds. Unfortunately for Scott and the Rams, Allen had already done enough to earn a first down.

The play ended up being a huge boon to Allen and the Bills. Four plays later, Allen found Isaiah McKenzie in the end zone for a seven-yard touchdown pass to put Buffalo up 17-10, breaking the tie.

His combination of speed and strength, in addition to his huge throwing arm, makes Allen a trendy choice for NFL MVP this season. And with plays like this one, it’s easy to see why.

[Photo Credit: NBC]

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