Julian Edelman

One of Tom Brady’s old targets in New England is discussing the possibility of his return to football.

Julian Edelman who has been out of the NFL for a year, says he feels better than ever and may even consider a return to the NFL.

While on former teammate Chris Long‘s podcast, Elderman talked about renewing his NFL career.

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” the 36-year-old wideout said when Long asked about a potential comeback. “People don’t realize it’s not like, especially when you’re older, you can’t just work out for a week, take a Gatorade shake, take a conditioning test and get ready for (expletive) 18 weeks of football. It’s a huge mind commitment, and you can’t dip your toe in. You’ve got to dive into that thing.”

Edelman also talked about how his body has responded after taking a year off.

“I’m doing things where I’m in the beginning stage of, like, an offseason-ish, just kind of feeling out my body and feeling out my legs,” said Edelman. “I’ve had some downtime. My body feels good. There’s some deficiencies here and there, but I feel extremely better than I did the last year-and-a-half of my career. I don’t know if it’s fool’s gold just because I haven’t been compounding loadage.”

Edelman also has said if he returns to the NFL, it would probably be with the Patriots. However, he hasn’t ruled out playing with Brady again in Tampa.


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