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NFL fans aren’t happy over a reported potential rule change for kickoffs.

Pro Football Talk reported that the league intends to consider a kickoff rule that the XFL adopted.

As Mike Florio wrote, the NFL will use a different rule in 2023 than they have before. The league will allow players to call a fair catch from anywhere inside the 25-yard line. This rule has been used in college football over the last few seasons, and the NFL hopes it will have a positive, tangible effect on reducing injury.

It will be difficult either way to attempt to legislate ferocious hits out, but this would certainly be a start. Opponents of the rule changes argue that it isn’t actual football. While they might have a point, it’s also true that the game has evolved and found new twists over the years. Considering the situation, it’s not hard to see where the NFL is coming from.

But with that being said, people were not thrilled after the report emerged.

Of course, the NFL has made many unpopular decisions before. Rules that penalize players for celebrating after big plays and scores have nerfed a lot of potential fun in the game. Not to mention the oft-criticized roughing the passer rules.

So, it looks like you can add this to the list. Time will tell to see if there’s any effect either way.

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