The Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins are playing a very fun game in Glendale, with last year’s #1 overall pick Kyler Murray taking on new Miami starter Tua Tagovailoa.

Tua has been okay, though obviously there are some rookie moments, but Kyler Murray has been putting on a clinic through the air and on the ground. This fourth-down conversion is a tremendous example, with coach Kliff Kingsbury putting a ton of faith in Murray’s ability to make the right read and pick up the short yardage.

Murray does, but finds a defender in his face anyway, so he simply does something few other quarterbacks can do:

That’s poor Kyle Van Noy who came down the line and expertly filled the gap, a play that against most opposing QBs would have been plenty to prevent a first down. Murray, though, waving the ball around in one hand, pulled the old overpowered juke trigger from early aughts Madden games and made him miss badly.

Then Murray broke it to the sidelines, turning a possible turnover on downs into a huge gain, on a drive that eventually resulted in a touchdown.

As of now, Murray is 19/23 for 241 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions, while also running for 93 yards (on seven carries) and a score. Just an incredible display, and he’s the biggest reason why the Cardinals are currently up 31-24.


Not to be outdone, Tua had his own crazy scramble from the pocket on the ensuing Miami drive.

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