marcus mariota

An absolutely stellar season for Marcus Mariota may have been derailed in one play.

Late in the third quarter, the Tennessee Titans quarterback was sacked by Sheldon Day of the Jacksonville Jaguars and went down holding his right leg/ankle.

Here’s an up-close version of the clip that looks awfully scary.

The Titans have been a great story this year as they weren’t expected to do much yet have been competing in a middling AFC South.

Mariota wasn’t having the best day when he went down, the Jaguars were surprisingly taking it to the Titans at the time. He was only 8-20 for 99 yards at the time of the injury. A good sign for the former Oregon Duck was the fact that they only put an air cast on his leg instead of something more restricting.

For the sake of the 8-6 Titans and their playoff hopes, they better hope that this isn’t as serious as this initially looked.

UPDATE: It’s not good.

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