It’s been almost two years since Riley Curry, daughter of Steph, stole the nation’s heart with a series of adorable cameos at her dad’s press conferences.

But on Sunday night, Austyn Jett Rose Bennett, daughter of Patriots tight end Martellus, stepped up with a Riley-worthy performance at the post-Super Bowl press conference.

Here’s the younger Bennett absolutely stealing the show from her Super Bowl-winning dad:

Martellus and his brother Michael are notoriously loud-mouthed, so it’s no surprise that Bennett’s daughter would be a talker. Still, this is better than anything we could have wished for. Austyn Jett Rose was so intent on telling the story of her dog peeing on the rug that she persisted through her father helplessly failing to understand what she was saying.

The best part though, has to be dad proudly exclaiming, “You can tell she’s a Bennett.”

Martellus himself had a bunch of good stuff to say—he’s not going to the White House; his Super Bowl victory “feels like Harry Potter finally defeating Voldemort;” and “they overpay Super Bowl champions”—but at the end of the day Austyn Jett Rose was the star.

For many reasons, let’s get Martellus Bennett back to the Super Bowl soon.

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