Mecole Hardman

This week, free agent wide receiver Mecole Hardman signed with the New York Jets leading some to speculate if he was choosing that destination with the potential of playing alongside Aaron Rodgers. But as Hardman explained, his decision was more about playing alongside some other members of the Jets roster.

During his first press conference with the team, Mecole Hardman revealed that a big reason he signed with the Jets is to play alongside fellow wide receivers Allen Lazard and Garrett Wilson.

“I think the Jets were a good situation,” Hardman said, via SNY. “I think that they’ve got a great foundation here, they’ve got some nice pieces. I think Allen Lazard, him signing — I think playing alongside him will be great, too. And they’ve got a great second-year player now in Garrett Wilson who had an absolutely unbelievable year. So just guys with those names, just to play alongside them definitely is attractive.

“And obviously the news with A-Rod and everything like that, we still don’t know what’s going on with that. But obviously, that’s something you can think about. But as far as besides that, it was more so thinking the Jets [themselves] were the right fit for me.”

Of course, Hardman probably won’t complain if the team adds Rodgers to the roster, too.

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