Madden NFL 24 Michael Vick cover Photo Credit: EA Sports

A familiar face will grace the cover of Madden 24.

EA Sports announced Wednesday Michael Vick will be on the cover of Madden NFL 24 Season 3: Run It Back.

It will mark the 20th anniversary edition of the original Vick cover.

Vick was on the cover of Madden NFL 2004 where he was dubbed, back then, the greatest Madden player of all-time due to his speed.

“What’s up everyone? Mike Vick here to tell you about Season 3 in Madden 24,” Vick said in a video to promote the game. “Where you can unlock my 93 overall ultimate team card. Season 3 will feature new programs, field pass rewards, and fresh abilities.”

The four-time Pro Bowl quarterback, who had an illustrious 15-year career, could be earned after logging into Ultimate Team during Season 3. The starting overall 85 can be upgraded to that 93 when collectibles are earned at various levels of the Field Pass.

Those player eventually could unlock one of Vick’s new superstar abilities with his own X-factor: ’04 Vick which will have improved scrambling speed leaving the pocket. This, of course, gets deactivated should you get tackled for a loss.

This isn’t a cheat code, y’all. It’s on the EA website.

“Play as all-time greats in a special new program with Madden-cover stars,” Vick added.

“Then, unlock me and show off my exclusive animations and iconic speed,” he said. “Let’s run it back in Season 3 of Madden 24.”

The newest edition launches Nov. 15.

[EA Sports; Photo Credit: EA Sports]

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