Mina Kimes

It appears that Dan Synder is finally selling the Washington Commanders and you’d be hard-pressed to find too many people in the NFL world who aren’t thrilled.

Count ESPN’s Mina Kimes among those who will be ecstatic to not have to talk about Snyder anymore.

While we await final word that Synder, who has been embroiled in too many scandals and legal dramas to count, is no longer the owner of an NFL franchise, Kimes went scorched-earth on him Thursday.

“It is massive,” Kimes said of the sale. “We’re talking about the closing of a book that will go down as one of the most shameful records of any owner in any professional sport as you laid out there with that timeline, which only touches on some of it,” Kimes admitted.

She went in on what Dan Snyder oversaw: “A culture in Washington that was toxic and predatory. This was widely reported on and investigated. Who has been accused of directly facilitating that culture, who has been accused of sexual assault himself, by the way, as well as reportedly harassing and intimidating witnesses and reporters. An owner who is currently facing federal investigation for some of these charges, as well as the financial misbehavior. As well as a new, NEW, like another investigation from the NFL itself.”

Kimes’ takedown of Snyder as he’s about to give up the Commanders franchise caught the attention of the NFL world.

Synder’s reign as owner of the Commanders can’t come soon enough.

[Mina Kimes, via Awful Announcing]

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