Kathy Hochul discussing weather for Bills-Steelers game Photo Credit: Governor Kathy Hochul on YouTube

Sunday’s matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York will feature some pretty hazardous conditions for both players on the field and fans looking to attend the game. This prompted a public statement from New York Governor Kathy Hochul on the dangers of attending the game for fans, along with a little bit of trash talk to boot.

Previous reports suggested that the game could actually be moved from Highmark Stadium to Cleveland Browns Stadium since the Browns are playing a road game this weekend against the Houston Texans.

However, those reports were firmly shut down by NFL VP of Communications Brian McCarthy, meaning that this game will indeed be happening in Buffalo whether fans choose to brave the incoming blizzard or not.

In Hochul’s press conference, she warned Bills fans about traveling to the game with the incoming snow and winds approaching by Sunday.

“For my fellow Buffalo Bills fans, here is my advice,” said Hochul. “If you have tickets to the game, listen to the forecast and drive safely back and forth. We don’t anticipate changes right now but stay tuned. Mother nature is widely unpredictable. If you don’t have tickets and just want to have fun, this may be a better day to watch the game from home.”

She then spoke to Steelers fans in particular who are planning on making the trip from Pittsburgh, advising against them making such a long journey for the game while also throwing in a bit of trash talk about the game.

“One final bit of advice. This one is for our friends taking on the travel from Pittsburgh. We think it would be better if you just stay home and tune in on television. It’ll be safer for all of us. It’s gonna be a rough game for you anyhow.”

As expected, Bills fans loved this message to keep the stadium with as few Steelers fans as possible.

[Governor Kathy Hochul on YouTube]

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