There is so much more to an NFL game than the eyeballs on the TV. There is food, drinks, where to watch the game, and so many other factors.

When it comes to food and drinks, one chain that might be most affected by the NFL ratings drop is Buffalo Wild Wings. One of the bars most synonymous with live sports is seeing sales declines along with the NFL declines.

According to reports, the chicken wing chain is down 1.6% in the third quarter compared to 2015. Though some aren’t worried about the decline, some financial analysts see the analogy between declining sales at Buffalo Wild Wings and less viewers for NFL games.

“We believe any decline in NFL viewership, if sustained, is likely to have a pronounced negative effect on traffic at Buffalo Wild Wings,” Maxim Group analyst Stephen Anderson wrote to clients prior to earnings.

While some markets might be doing well, there is still plenty of reason for concern. One of Buffalo Wild Wings’ biggest selling points is its ability to broadcast nearly any game. If people don’t care about the games being broadcast, why go to the bar to spend money on overpriced beer and wings?


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