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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is from North Dakota, as he and the media have made us very aware.

The Eagles opened training camp this week, and fellow North Dakotan and Carson Wentz fan Karen Anderson was on hand to witness it. She couldn’t maintain her emotions about seeing Wentz practice.

From the transcript:

Anderson: It’s just awesome.

Reporter: What made it so awesome?

Anderson: Just being here, being away from North Dakota, just to be here, it’s just great.

Reporter: And to get to see Carson Wentz?

Anderson: Yes! He’s awesome. Such a role model for our kids and grandkids. (In tears) How’s my interview going?

It’s tough to tell whether Anderson was more excited to be away from North Dakota—the DakOHHta pronunciation was adorable—or to see Wentz, but it’s safe to say it was mind-blowing experience more her.

Honestly, that’s great. As strange as it might seem, a trip to Philadelphia can mean a lot to someone who hardly gets to leave their state, much less their region. Good for her in making the most of it.

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