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The Baltimore Ravens made the Odell Beckham Jr. signing official on Thursday. Beckham Jr. will head to the AFC for the second time in his celebrated career, playing for his fourth team. Last time around, he was in the AFC North too as he played for the Cleveland Browns. This time will hopefully go better than that one. A lot of that hinges, though, on whether Lamar Jackson will be a Raven.

Jackson and the Ravens are currently millions of dollars apart in negotiations. The 2019 NFL MVP believes he’s earned the right to a hefty contract. As is his right to, but the Ravens have been unwilling to meet his demands. And so, a contentious situation developed. But did signing Odell give the team the secret sauce to get Lamar back?

As far as Odell is concerned? It doesn’t appear so quite yet. Beckham Jr. fielded questions at the Thursday press conference. One of them was whether he received assurance from the star QB that he’d be in town.

“Didn’t get any assurance for anything,” Odell said, via Andrew Siciliano on Twitter. “Life’s uncertain. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or the next day.”

Beckham Jr. closed by saying, “My thoughts would be he would be here.”

So the saga continues. Some seem to believe that inking Beckham Jr. would be a sign that Lamar could come. The two have gone back and forth on social media for the last few days with banter.

[Andrew Siciliano]

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