OJ Simpson Syndication: USA TODAY

It seems that former college and NFL star running back O.J. Simpson, who was also the suspect in one of the most prominent murder cases in recent United States history, is battling some pretty serious health issues.

According to a report from Local 10 News in Florida, O.J. Simpson has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.

“According to sources, Simpson, 76, who previously lived in South Florida, was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy in Las Vegas,” Local 10 News reported.

After a spectacular football career in which he won the Heisman Trophy with the USC Trojans and the NFL MVP as a member of the Buffalo Bills, Simpson was infamously arrested and charged with murdering his wife and her friend back in 1994. However, after what was called “The Trial of the Century,” Simpson was acquitted of the charges.

Obviously, a diagnosis like this is bad news for Simpson, and it led to a lot of reactions on social media as a result.

Simpson recently posted a video on social media responding to claims that he was in hospice care, saying “I’m not in any hospice. I don’t know who put that out there.” In the video, Simpson said that he is planning to host “a ton of friends” for a Super Bowl party in Las Vegas, saying “all is well.”

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