Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love Jordan Love

This week, legendary NFL quarterback Peyton Manning was seen at Green Bay Packers practice where he delivered a message to the team. And it sounds like he had some good conversations with new Packers starting quarterback Jordan Love, as well.

Jordan Love made it clear that Peyton Manning shared “a lot of really good gems” with him from his years of experience in the league.

“He had a lot of really good gems just in terms of taking notes, how you watch film,” Love said according to via Ryan Wood of “When you’re at home by yourself, are you writing down questions? Things that you can come back, ask your coaches later. How are you asking to be coached? Are you a guy who wants to be coached really hard? Are you a guy who kind of just wants to be able to do your own thing? It all really matters.

“He said that when he was a player, that was his biggest thing. He wanted to be coached really hard. He always wanted to be told what he was doing wrong, things like that.”

Love is heading into his first season as a starting quarterback in the NFL. It will be interesting to see whether or not he can apply these lessons from Manning.