The Maryland Primary is coming up this Tuesday, and voters in this amazing state will have a chance to decide the direction of both the Republican and Democratic nominees for President. As per usual, polling companies have gone canvassing the state to see what the people are thinking ahead of the big day, and there are some pretty standard questions asked, such as what would you think of a $15 minimum wage, the Affordable Care Act, etc. But they’ve also asked some interesting questions about sports…

More important than the questions on the EPA, background checks for buying guns, or whether Chessie, the Chesapeake Bay Sea Monster exist, is whether Marylanders think Joe Flacco is elite. Public polling season is the best season ever.

And in case you’re wondering what the candidates believe about Flacco…

What about Ted Cruz?

So when the votes are tallied in Maryland on Tuesday, don’t be surprised with the results.

If you’d like to look at all of Public Policy Polling’s amazing questions, the PDF is here for you to savor and enjoy. Thank God 79% of Marylanders polled like Old Bay Seasoning.

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