The Raiders tweeted a photo of their quarterbacks, prompting fans to make comments on their appearance -- especially Brian Hoyer Photo Credit: Las Vegas Raiders on Twitter

For the first time in a decade, the Las Vegas Raiders are going through a change at quarterback heading into the 2023 season. Derek Carr, who’d been the team’s quarterback since he was drafted in 2014, is out. Jimmy Garoppolo is in.

With the changes, the Raiders naturally wanted to let their fans know about the new quarterback room. Who might be taking the field at the most important position and what do we know about them?

So on Thursday, they posted a link on Twitter to a page called 2023 Position Breakdown: Quarterbacks.

Garoppolo was one of three quarterbacks pictured. From left to right, the pictured quarterbacks were rookie Aidan O’Connell, Garoppolo and veteran Brian Hoyer.

Or, to be more specific, O’Connell, Garoppolo and the grizzled veteran, Brian Hoyer.

The very grizzled veteran.

Ted Nguyen of The Athletic said the obvious. “There has to be a better picture of Hoyer out there. My god.” He later joked that Hoyer “looks like he’s already through Week 16 of his 103rd season.”

Others made similar observations. They also made a lot of jokes about Hoyer’s photo and found some funny comparisons, as well.

Quite frankly, it’s hard to argue.

[Raiders, Ted Nguyen, Photo Credit: Las Vegas Raiders on Twitter]

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