It wasn’t the greatest football game ever but the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers squared off in a potential Super Bowl preview. In a rainy Baltimore, it would be Ravens kicker Justin Tucker booting the 49-yard field goal to give the Ravens a crucial win.

This was supposed to be our first glimpse of two of the hottest young quarterbacks going against each other. What we got was Lamar Jackson and Jimmy Garoppolo really off their game. You can blame some of that on the rain but that doesn’t bode well for either team if they face bad weather in the playoffs.

Despite Jackson’s brutal 105 yard passing day, he made up for that by running for 101 yards and a touchdown. So you can say that even though Jackson had an off day, he still had a decent game. Garoppolo, on the other hand, had a decent 15/21 day but only had 165 passing yards.

This game didn’t have many highlights but in the journey of a season, the great teams can win when they don’t play well. The Ravens did that and that may be handy come January.

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