Rex Ryan Jets coach Rex Ryan during a 2013 game. New York Jets Vs New York Giants

Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan hasn’t been coaching in the league since he was fired by the Buffalo Bills in 2016. And based on some recent comments from the longtime coach, it sounds like he might actually be pretty glad about that.

Ryan has always been a defensive-minded coach after serving as a defensive coordinator for nearly two decades before he got a chance as a head coach. And in an interview with Brandon Wenerd of BroBible, he revealed that he’d have some concerns coaching against the talented quarterbacks in this league.

“Well, has there ever been a better group of quarterbacks than we have in the National Football League right now?” Ryan asked. “We got the old guard, we still have the old guys hanging in there. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, two of the best that have ever done it and then you got the middle-range guys – your Russell Wilsons. But then look at the young ones though, like Lamar Jackson. By the way, he’ll be 25, I think this year. What? 25 and he’s going on like year four or five, whatever. Joe Burrow, you’ve got [Justin] Herbert.

You’ve got Patrick Mahomes, by the way, and maybe the best athlete of all time in Josh Allen playing the position. And Tua Tagovailoa. Jalen Hurts, all these guys… It’s crazy how talented this group of quarterbacks is.”

Ryan had a pretty blunt response to the star power at quarterback throughout the NFL.

“I’m glad I’m not coaching defense against these dudes,” Ryan said.

Instead, Ryan will simply serve as an analyst and discuss them on the air. There’s a lot less pressure that way.