Rob Gronkowski entertained us with a tweet of his early Wednesday evening when he talked about his disdain for the “grammar police.”

If you haven’t been online in the past 10 years, the grammar police essentially take every chance they get to correct somebody on incorrect grammar at any given time. Some take much joy in it, and some have a strong hatred for them.

Gronk, is one of those with a strong hatred for them:

As it goes with any celebrity or athlete that has a gripe online, people punched back, and we all know how Twitter can be. People do not pull punches whatsoever. And if you’re going to paint yourself as a man of the streets in defense of poor grammar, it might be best to, well, be from the streets. (Also it’s unclear why having the grammatical advantage automatically puts you at a physical disadvantage. Gronk’s logic is all over the place.)

People went after him and his upbringing, coming from a place where you don’t necessarily have to worry about having street smarts:

And of course, it wouldn’t have been complete had people not gone after his grammar in a post where he complains about people complaining about his grammar:

Gronk definitely doesn’t seem like the type to be fazed by this type of stuff, but just maybe he will think twice before pressing send now.

Also, if this is the most news Gronk makes on Twitter all season, the Patriots will undoubtedly take it.

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