Commissioner Roger Goodell's exempt list

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell thinks that despite both the Chargers and the Raiders angling for relocation, it might be best for the league if they remained where they are.


“If we get our issues resolved in San Diego, and our issues resolved in Oakland, I think that’s the ideal solution, frankly,” Goodell said. “I think that’s what we would all like to see happen. But there’s a lot that has to get done in those two communities to get there.”

The Chargers’ hopes of remaining in San Diego suffered a major setback last week, when the organization received only 43 percent approval for a proposed $1.8 billion stadium and convention center that would have raised hotel taxes in order to secure most of the funding. Two-thirds approval was required.

It seems logical for the commissioner to speak about keeping as much stability as possible within the league, and keeping multiple teams from relocating falls in line with that thinking, especially when the Rams already packed up and moved prior to this season.

“We’d love to get something done in Oakland, but if they do file a relocation, we’ll evaluate that and make sure that we look at it as far as the market issues is concerned,” Goodell told the local media in Los Angeles. “We’re very thorough on relocation, as you guys know.”

The city of Las Vegas has taken steps forward to building a new football facility with the intent of luring the Raiders to the desert. San Diego recently turned down a proposal to lead to a new football stadium for the Chargers, which has the AFC franchise contemplating a move to join the Rams in a facility designed with the ability to serve as a home to two teams once constructed.

Of course, deep down inside Goodell wants whatever is best for the league and its deep pockets and full money vaults. If the Chargers leaving for LA and the Raiders leaving for Las Vegas adds two cents to the league’s coffers, you know he’d be supportive of it.

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