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The hockey world was shocked when the Colorado Avalanche lost to the Seattle Kracken in the first round of the NHL playoffs.

None were more shocked than Avalanche fans themselves who were deeply disappointed in their team. So disappointed that they blame Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson for the loss.

Wilson was in attendance when the team lost and fans were furious with him for being there and what they perceived as jinxing the team.

Colorado fans had gotten so bad that Wilson’s former Seahawks wide receiver DJ Metcalf had to defend him.

Metcalf tweeted: “Can y’all [censored] chill on Russ…” He has since taken down the tweet, however, fans got the message.

Metcalf is a huge Wilson fan so it shouldn’t be a shock that he would come out to defend his former teammate and friend.

When Wilson was traded last year, it stunned him.

“I never thought he was gonna leave Seattle,” Metcalf said last year. “I was in just in shock because I didn’t think it was gonna happen.”

Metcalf also believes one of the reasons why Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith was so successful last season was because he got a chance to sit and watch Wilson.

“I believe sitting behind Russ really like motivated him and really showed him how good he could really be in this league cause even at practice, he’s yelling at the practice squad guys to run their routes right. He’s like, ‘This is my opportunity too.’ And I’m like, ‘Ok I respect that because you understand what’s at stake,’” Metcalf said.

Denver fans may not appreciate Wilson, but his former teammates do.


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