Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson might be getting over a broken finger that caused him to miss time for the first time in his NFL career but if the 32-year-old had his way, he will be playing for a long time.

Wilson revealed to the Associated Press that he is looking to play for “20-plus years” and eventually own a football team.

“I definitely want to play for a long time, but I think once I’m done, I’d love to own an NFL football team and to be able to impact a city, a country and just bring people to the game of football,” Wilson told The Associated Press for an upcoming episode of the AP Pro Football Podcast. “I’m very big into the business side of things and just sports in general. I love winning. I love the process of winning. So hopefully I can bring that culture to a team and organization.”

“I knew I was wildly crazy about the game, but I’m ridiculously obsessed with it,” he said. “That’s why I want to play 20-plus years. I think the other part that you learn about yourself is to have patience. At the same time, you have to have drive. I think that’s such a critical part. The third thing is (having) unrelenting confidence. You don’t want to mistake that with arrogance. It’s strictly confidence in what you do and how you do it and you’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again and with great faith, all things are possible, and that’s really what’s been very evident to me in my journey.”

If Wilson is to have a 20-plus year playing career, he would currently be at the halfway point of his NFL career. This isn’t exactly far fetched. Wilson has only had to miss time due to a broken finger and the other injuries he’s had are rather minor. Wilson is certainly good enough to keep playing and if he can stay healthy, it’s probably a smart bet he’ll play into his 40s.

As far as owning an NFL team is concerned, who knows what the future brings. Wilson already has experience in sports team ownership, being a minority owner of the Seattle Sounders MLS team with his wife Ciara. Granted, he might not have as much input there as he would if he owned an NFL team but he does have an MLS Cup championship as a team owner. And with his other business ventures and investments, it’s entirely realistic to see Russell and Ciara taking on the challenge of NFL team ownership after his playing career is finished.

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