Xavier Worthy Photo Credit: NFL Network

Xavier Worthy wanted a second chance and he made the most of it.

The former Texas Longhorns wide receiver stunned everyone watching the NFL Scouting Combine Saturday by running the 40-yard dash in 4.21 seconds, breaking the all-time combine record.

Worthy created a huge buzz when he posted a 4.25 in his first run. There was speculation he would skip his second attempt, but when it became apparent he planned to run again the crowd perked up.

Worthy did not disappoint with his second chance, drawing an audible “Ooooh!” from Rich Eisen on the NFL Network broadcast when he hit the line with an unofficial time of 4.22. That time was later corrected to 4.21.

Worthy’s time breaks the all-time combine mark set by John Ross in 2017. Donte’ Stallworth also ran a 4.22 time in 2002, although times from the earlier years of the scouting combine are viewed as more unreliable.

“I never thought I’d be able to do that,” an out-of-breath Worthy told the NFL Network afterward.

How did he do it?

“I’ve just been working on my starts a lot. My starts have been my flaw,” he said.

When asked if he considered passing on a second chance and standing on his first time, Worthy said “I really just wanted to get that record for myself.”

Worthy, who had 75 catches for 1,014 yards and five touchdowns for the Longhorns last season, is a projected second-round pick, although his 40 time almost surely boosted his draft stock.

NFL players and others wasted no time reacting to the run.

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