A no-call on a potential pass interference penalty sealed the Steelers win over the Browns and sparked debate on Monday. Photo Credit: ESPN Steelers cornerback Joey Porter Jr. was not called for pass interference on Browns receiver, Donovan Peoples-Jones. Photo Credit: ESPN

Week 2 of the NFL season wrapped up on Monday night when the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns. The game-clinching play generated some controversy.

Trailing 26-22, the Browns were across midfield. But despite the good field position, Cleveland was in desperation mode. The Browns faced a fourth-and-10 and with just over a minute remaining only one time-out left, it had to be converted. It wasn’t.

Deshaun Watson attempted to hit receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones on a sideline route but the ball sailed out of bounds. While the Steelers celebrated, Watson and some of his teammates argued for a flag. But none came.

The conversation wasn’t limited to just Cleveland or Browns fans. A lot of people watching the game felt that Joey Porter Jr. and the Steelers got away with a pass interference.

It’s of course worth noting that a pass interference penalty would not have given the win to the Browns. They still had a long way to go and down four points, needed a touchdown.

That said, it would have prolonged the game. And it’s also abundantly clear that Porter Jr. was grabbing Peoples-Jones’ jersey with both hands at one point, while the ball was in the air.

An argument could be made that the ball was not catchable. That said, it would have been tough for the Steelers and their fans to seriously dispute the penalty if a flag was thrown. But it wasn’t and with that, Pittsburgh sealed a much-needed win.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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