After Super Bowl LII, Rob Gronkowski fueled speculation when he said he wasn’t committing to playing in 2018 yet and instead would give it a few weeks to think it over. Some thought this could be a potential contractual ploy to get an improved contract. But given Gronk suffered yet another concussion this postseason, in addition to his back and knee injuries, the 28-year-old Gronkowski is a very old 28 in football years.

One such option that Gronk is considering is acting. According to the Eagle-Tribune, Gronk was told by Dwayne Johnson and Sylvester Stallone that he could go to Hollywood and be an actor. Johnson played football at the University of Miami before an injury derailed that and entered WWE as The Rock.

WWE is a potential avenue for Gronkowski as well. Gronk loves pro wrestling and even participated in last year’s WrestleMania, helping Mojo Rawley win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The issue is that if Gronkowski retires from the NFL due to injuries, it doesn’t exactly make sense for him to go to WWE where even though things are scripted, people get beat up and potentially seriously hurt.

But if Gronk goes to Hollywood for the next chapter of his life, exactly how would he fare in Hollywood? Would he be successful? Would he be good?

Those two questions don’t necessarily need to be the same thing. There’s no doubt Gronkowski can be a successful actor. He’s always taken on projects and gone in with 100% effort and is charismatic. And given his popularity, there will be work available for Gronkowski if he wants that.

The bigger question will be if he would be any good at acting. And that will be a question that is more left to individual tastes than anything. I don’t think anyone is expecting Gronkowski to be an Academy Award winner anytime soon, but I can see him being perfect for tongue-in-cheek “so bad, it’s good” movies like Sharknado, where everyone is in on the joke that this is going to be a bad movie and we all can have a laugh.

Gronk could also follow the path of someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger and be an action movie star. And who knows, maybe in a couple decades, Gronk could be a politician. That wouldn’t be the most unusual thing to have happened in politics.

And who knows, maybe if Gronk was afraid of being typecast as a fun goofball, he could maybe do a small role in a serious drama. Gronkowski has a role in the film American Violence that just released last Friday. And going off of the trailer, it looks like it gets into some very heavy stuff even though it looks like Gronk is kicking ass in this.

So what is Rob Gronkowski going to do if he retires from football. The guy can pretty much do whatever he wants. He can even just be Gronk and plan a series of cruises or parties for people to pay to party with him. And quite frankly, that’s going to be safer than playing football.


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