Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been divorced since almost the beginning of football season. Unlike his ex-wife Gisele, we’ve yet to see Brady dating anyone new, at least not in public.

So that leads to the question: Who, if anyone, is Tom Brady seeing?

That was on the mind of talk show host Howard Stern and sports talk show host Chris”Mad Dog” Russo who are curious about Brady’s sex life.

Stern asked Russo if he heard if the legendary quarterback was seeing anyone.

“Mad Dog, the big question everyone wants to know, with Brady getting divorced and because you’re close to him … is he having sexual relations with women, now that he is divorced, what’s going on there? What’s your best guess, I know you don’t know for sure,” he asked.

Russo concluded that he thinks Tom is not alone at night.

“You mean to tell me right now that Tom Brady — I understand he wants to study football 24/7, but the Bucs are having a lousy year … you mean to tell me that Tom Brady is going sexless in the last 18, 19 weeks? I would find that hard to believe,” Russo declared.

For the most part, the quarterback keeps his private life private. So if he is seeing someone, the public just might not know about it. Not for a while.

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