Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

America, I am here to give you permission. I am here to tell you all it’s okay if you’re already tired of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Swifties and Kelce fans are guilting people over complaining about the power couple, but I am here to say this is a safe place if you’re feeling annoyed by the amount of coverage they receive. Especially as it’s about to get even bigger.

Some of us are sick of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift for several reasons.

The media is partly to blame for this. NFL cameras constantly panning up to the stands to see her cheer is annoying.

Of course, she is there to support her boyfriend, which she is allowed to do. But c’mon, man, enough is enough!

Several star athletes have famous wives and girlfriends whose husbands or boyfriends play in the NFL. Simone Biles for example, whose husband Jonathan Owens, plays for the Green Bay Packers. You don’t see NFL cameras pan to her every time he made a play. We didn’t see that kind of excessive coverage with Tom Brady and supermodel ex-wife Giselle Bündchen either. Because of Swift’s intense popularity, we get bogged down in this romance.

While the media is partly to blame, it also seems like Kelce and Swift love the publicity too.

His public displays of affection aren’t for everyone. We get it, you two like each other, but enough with the hearts and blown kisses. It comes off as corny and fake. Until he started dating Swift, Kelce never did any of that with other girlfriends, which makes you wonder why now.

It’s hard not to notice that while Kelce was an NFL superstar his profile has gone up substantially since he started dating Swift. A lot of Swifties who probably never watched a Chiefs game until now are fully invested, not in the Chiefs, but in this romance.

Maybe it’s good for the NFL, but many of us are just here to watch the game.

What’s not okay, however, is to use this as a political stance against the pair. You can be annoyed by the constant publicity, but to use this to hate either one of them because of their political opinions or stances is just stupid.

There have been some very nasty accusations made against them by certain political factions. Swift’s influence among her fans has a lot of people hating her for the wrong reasons. She has a right to her political beliefs and shouldn’t have to apologize for it. The same goes with Kelce.

In the end, we all should put our personal feelings aside and just enjoy the game. If the NFL will let us.

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