Tua Tagovailoa

There has been talk that Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa should retire after the head injuries he suffered this past season.

Tua had to sit out the rest of the year due to another concussion he suffered, yet despite that, the Dolphins did make the playoffs.

But if you thought that the former Alabama quarterback should retire or will retire, think again. Tua’s father said that’s not happening and he will be back next season.

“He comes back,” said Tua’s father Galu Tagovailoa. “That’s their guy. They love him, we love them and what they’re doing and how they’re helping him with his recovery and everything else trying to get him back.”

“He’s still going through his protocol, but we’re grateful for them, too,” he said. “Very thankful for Miami. The organization. The owner. [Chris] Grier as a GM and head coach Mike [McDaniel]. That guy’s special.”

If anyone knows the history of this family, they know that Tua’s parents, particularly his father, has had a huge influence on his son.

Tua in the past has often talked about how he was raised by his father and how tough he was. So for those in the know, it shouldn’t be a shock that he is the one saying his son is returning to the NFL next year and not Tua himself.


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