He isn’t the first and he won’t be the last, but another fan ran on the field during a professional sports game, only this time it was during the second game of the NFL’s opening week Monday Night doubleheader.

With 11:37 to go in the game and the San Francisco 49ers on top of the Los Angeles Rams 21-0 at Levi’s Stadium, the Rams were facing a 3rd and 4. Only before they could get their original snap off, a fan disrupted the play.

While ESPN chose to not show the fan, plenty of people quickly pulled out their phones to tweet about the incident or capture video of it.

Due to how long the fan stayed on his feet, many people took the opportunity to send out some hot takes about the fan.



And this great tweet/gif:

Based on some calculations and watching the video over and over again, it looks like he started around the 49ers 30 and ran all the way to the Rams 10 before circling back and getting tackled at the Los Angeles 40. That ultimately totals around 100 yards rushing for the fan.

Up until that point in the game, Rams’ running back Todd Gurley had 47 yards on 17 carries while 49ers’ running back Carlos Hyde had 87 yards on 21 carries and a touchdown. That means the fan outran both Gurley and Hyde on his only carry of the night.

While the fan may have racked up more individual fantasy points than Hyde and Gurley, he’ll probably never set foot inside a Levi’s Stadium again.


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