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Washington Commanders fans have been waiting for months for disgraced owner Dan Snyder to officially sell the team. He did so on Thursday, and another bombshell dropped that put a final nail in the coffin to the Dan Snyder era in Washington.

NFL owners met on Thursday to officially approve the sale of the Commanders to a group led by Josh Harris. The official sale of the organization is $6.05 billion.

This comes after nearly a year-long investigation into Snyder’s disgusting activities as owner of the team by Mary Jo White.

Fans always wanted the NFL to release the findings of Mary Jo White’s investigation, and it was at times unclear if they would ever be released.

However, they were finally released after the sale of the team was made official on Thursday. The findings ultimately “sustained” both the sexual harassment allegations towards Snyder and allegations of the organization underreporting revenues to avoid WTS sharing obligations.

The results of the findings are a final nail in the coffin to Snyder’s NFL tenure, as he will be fined $60 million even after his official sale of the team.

This report emerging to the public along with the sale of the team finally closes a dark chapter for the Commanders organization that saw the team both not perform on the field and engage in shady activity off of it.

They will look to move forward under their new ownership group, and most fans are certainly very happy that they will no longer need to hear the name Dan Snyder.

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