Commanders Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, a group led by Josh Harris officially reach a signed and exclusive agreement with the Washington Commanders to purchase the team from longtime controversial owner Dan Snyder. The good news is, the move will get Snyder out of the league. But the bad news is, the deal probably isn’t strong enough that it would have been ratified in any other situation.

As the Washington Post reports, a person “familiar with the sale process” believes that the NFL team owners would not ratify this deal if they didn’t have a “strong desire” to remove Dan Snyder from the league.

But others are not as certain that the ratification of the deal as it’s currently configured will amount to a no-doubt-about-it rubber stamp. A person familiar with the sale process expressed the view Saturday that if not for the other owners’ strong desire to remove Snyder from the league, the Harris deal probably would not be approved without some revisions.

It’s a pretty brutal assessment of the deal, and the NFL world had plenty to say about it on social media.

It may not be the perfect offer for the league, but it will get Snyder out. And it seems that might be good enough for everyone involved.

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