Aaron Rodgers in Winnipeg Jets uniform

The NFL world buzzed on Wednesday after Aaron Rodgers confirmed he wants to play for the New York Jets.

The four-time NFL MVP said the only thing holding that up is the Packers’ high asking price in a potential trade with the Jets.

News about Rodgers’ situation flooded social media, yet one tweet strikingly broke through the clutter.

The Jets sent out an image of Rodgers wearing their uniform.

Not the New York Jets … the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets.

“Confirming Aaron Rodgers’ report,” the tweet succinctly noted, showing the quarterback in a Winnipeg hockey uniform, including gloves.

Someone working for the Winnipeg Jets public relations department deserves a raise for this clever tweet (not to mention the nice photo-editing job).

Kudos to Pete Blackburn, NHL reporter for Bally Sports, who actually posted a similar tweet slightly earlier. He responded to the Jets with a tongue-in-cheek threat.

Sports fans certainly appreciated the humor in a story that many are tired of hearing about.

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