P.K. Subban DALLAS, TX – JANUARY 02: (R-L) P.K. Subban #76 of the Montreal Canadiens celebrates his goal in the second period against the Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center on January 2, 2014 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

When the Montreal Canadiens traded defenseman P.K. Subban to the Nashville Predators for defenseman Shea Weber straight up, the reaction from Canadiens fans was predictably apoplectic.

In addition to being one of the league’s best defensemen, Subban was adored by the Montreal fanbase. The trade was almost universally panned as a terrible move for the Canadiens and an immediate boost for the Predators.

Canadiens fans were not shy about sharing their feelings about this trade on social media, either.


The backlash is now no longer limited to the digital space thanks to one Julie Martin. Martin left her Canadiens jersey on the statue of Jean Beliveau outside the arena earlier this week with a pointed message for team officials.

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If you have trouble making out the writing on the jersey, here is what it says:

You can have this once-beloved jersey back. I have no more use for it. Once a fan, now so disappointed. — Julie Martin

The worst trade since Patrick Roy. Hoping PK Subban thrives in Nashville! He deserved better, and so do Habs fans. Stop making such huge mistakes.”

It is rare to see fans openly jumping ship like this, and even rarer to see Canadiens this pissed off. Nice work, Montreal!


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