The Edmonton Oilers were a great story last year, climbing back into the playoffs for the first time since the 2005-06 season. The Oilers advanced to the second round before ultimately falling to the Anaheim Ducks. Though their playoff run ended earlier than they would have liked, the season was still a tremendous success after years of mediocre play.

One of the biggest reasons for all of that success was Connor McDavid. The 20-year-old forward is already the highest-paid player in the NHL and has seemingly unlimited potential. McDavid hasn’t reached his ceiling yet and he seems to think the same can be said of the Oilers.

McDavid spoke with Sportsnet, saying that as a team the Oilers haven’t achieved much.

“We know we have a good team. We showed that last year and it’s up to us to re-establish ourselves. Realistically, we still haven’t done anything in the league.”

The Oilers made some noise last year, but it came after 10 consecutive seasons of disappointment. The Oilers needed a long rebuild – and a lot of top overall picks – to find their way back into the NHL’s postseason picture. McDavid, a player who already seems wise well beyond his years, recognizes that one trip to the playoffs in 11 seasons isn’t something to get overly excited about.

McDavid knows it’s all about winning the Stanley Cup.

“We made the second round, that’s great, but that’s not what hockey is about. It’s about winning, and we have a long way to go to do that.”

With all of their young talent, the Oilers should be one of the most exciting teams again in 2017-18. It’s easy to get optimistic and excited about the organization after what many would consider a successful 2016-17, but McDavid has his sights set a bit higher.

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