T-shirts for an individual playoff series in the NHL – specifically a first round playoff series – seem like a complete waste of time. Does anyone really want a shirt with the rosters of two teams who met in the opening round? Such a shirt could be found in the team store for the Florida Panthers, but there was one important name missing.

Alan Quine, the New York Islanders forward who scored the winner in the second overtime of Game 5, was skipped on this playoff series shirt.

Quine wears #10 and should have appeared on the list between Ryan Pulock and Shane Prince. It’s kind of incredible Quine was skipped considering 28 other Islanders were named. If we had to bet, we’d assume these shirts were made prior to the playoffs and Quine and his two career NHL games didn’t make the cut.

Remarkably, these types of mistakes happen pretty often. Teams are able to call up AHL talent late in the year and in the playoffs which creates these types of situations in cases where shirts don’t list 30+ players.

Maybe the best bet is to stop making these types of shirts. It’s doubtful anyone would notice.

As for the series, the Islanders finished off the Panthers with a thrilling 2-1 double overtime win in Game 6. This series wins puts the Islanders in the second round for the first time since 1993.

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