In Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, the Tampa Bay Lightning have woken up and made this a series. Apparently all they needed was some home cooking because once the two teams got to Tampa, the Lightning came alive.

After being crushed 7-0 on Saturday, the Lightning rebounded to a 6-2 win thanks to goals from six different players, including Steven Stamkos. With that, the Lightning became the first team since the Montreal Canadiens in 1919 to win a Stanley Cup Final game after losing by seven or more goals.

Many reacted to the Lightning victory. The Avalanche had a chance to go to a 3-0 lead but the neutrals (and Lightning fans) are happy that it’s a 2-1 series.

This sets up a Wednesday contest in Tampa. While the Avalanche still have a 2-1 lead and should be the favorites, the Lightning’s home record indicates they’ll be tough to beat and will have a great chance to even the series and make this a best-of-three.

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